How SantaVideo.Chat Works

What is it?

  • SantaVideo.Chat (SVC) is a secure communications platform, provided by (WS), which provides Santa the ability to customize his own video appearances at up to five simultaneous locations. It is separate and independent of

Who may use it?

  • As a Santa, you automatically have access to the Santa Chat platform. You are invited and welcome to participate on both platforms.
  • However, it is not required that you be a Santa to use this platform. You may sign up to use only SantaVideo.Chat.

How Does it work?

  • Santa creates an account with WS (If not already a Santa).
  • Santa books his private, customized visit/event into his SantaVideo.Chat calendar, which he alone manages.
  • This booking contains the visit/event details and contact participant’s email. (SVC needs email addresses of participants to support your automated email reminders).
  • Visit fee, date, time and length of visit determined solely by Santa.
  • Setup, backdrops, props, performance all set by Santa.
  • Personal client visit information is Santa’s responsibility.
  • Upon receipt of confirmation of the submitted event, WelcomeSanta will invoice the identified primary customer via email.
  • Customer pays through our secure payment server and Santa is notified of the completed transaction.
  • All attendees receive appointment reminders the day before and the day of the appointment
  • Santa performs the visit/event.
  • At conclusion of the visit/event, participants receive a link to download a Keepsake Video of the experience.
  • Santa will receive secured payment in the week following the event.

How much does it cost?

  • $15 flat platform fee per event, plus
  • 4% charge to cover credit card processing fees
  • SantaVideo.Chat, with prior approval, will waive fees for visits/events where Santa donates his time and payment processing is not needed.

Why use SantaVideo.Chat vs Zoom/Skype?

  • The Welcome Santa platform is a complete, secure, turnkey solution for Santas who want a professional look for their clients, but also to keep trust with clients by safeguarding their data.
  • Santa is viewed as a small business by state and federal agencies, thus has many legal requirements.
  • Using Zoom/Skype and PayPal as your solution may not address privacy issues or payment regulations.

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